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Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary



Gideon is a 29 year old Syrian brown (Ursus arctos syriacus), which is one of roughly ten subspecies of brown bear (other subspecies include the grizzly bear and Eurasian brown bear).  He was rescued from a very sad situation in a closed down zoo in 2014.  He was one of the last animals to be taken from the property, and the owner threatened to euthanize Gideon if Noah’s Ark did not remove him the next day.  He has severe arthritis from living on concrete for decades, as well as numerous dental issues from pulling on his cage wire out of boredom.  He is a very docile old bear and loves digging and constructing dens, playing with toys and drinking from a water hose.  Because he was rescued in such short notice, Gideon is currently living in a temporary enclosure, although construction of his personal habitat has begun.  Being as old as he is, we feel blessed to have rescued and offered Gideon a wonderful last few chapters of his life.

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