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Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary



Tiger Lily is a female Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) who came from a small zoo in 2008 when she was 5 years old as a surplus animal, meaning she was no longer wanted or needed for breeding purposes.  Most tigers in her position would end up euthanized, traded between facilities or sold to private owners, but Tiger Lily was a favorite of the zoo owners because of her outgoing personality and they were willing to find her a forever home.  The animal staff and volunteers at Noah’s Ark have also fallen in love with this sassy, naughty, noisy cat, and she is affectionately known by her keepers as “Queen Lily”.   Her favorite activities include rolling toys to the edge of her enclosure where neighboring cats can jealously watch her play with them, eating dinner in her pool, and stalking squirrels that dare enter her enclosure.  Her rowdy habitat mate, Liberty the lioness, helps keep Tiger Lily young and on her toes by pouncing and forcing Queen Lily to play with her.

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